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          Welcome to visit Qingdao Tiangong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website
          location:◇ Home >> ◇ About Us >> ◇Corporate culture
          about us
          Sweep, About us
          corporate culture

          Enterprise Purpose: People-oriented, Quality-based and Sincere Service

          Enterprise objective: To devote ourselves to the research and development of sand treatment equipment technology, create more value for customers, and achieve excellent foundry equipment manufacturing enterprises in the foundry industry.

          Enterprise Philosophy: Integrity, Practicality, Innovation and Development

          Enterprise Style: Concentration, Concentration and Professionalism

          Technical Idea: Pursuing Excellence and Never Being Satisfied

          Sales Concept: Mutual Benefit, Win-win and Common Development

          Manufacturing Concept: Careful Manufacturing and Excellence

          Service Concept: Sincere Service and Eternal Promise